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  1. Hi, I've just watched the Red Hot Chili Peppers' concert at the Pinkpop in 1990 and,during the outro,John plays a very cool tapping solo(he does the tapping with the pick). I can't find any tabs on the internet so it would be great if someone could tab that solo! Thanks :)/> Here's the video(the solo starts at 3:30)
  2. Mother's Milk amp settings

    Oh,thank you! I'll remember that :D/>
  3. Mother's Milk amp settings

    So,Gain at 8/9;Mids at 3/4;Treble at 6 or 7;Bass at 8 and my DS-2 with its classic Frusciante settings(maybe with the tone rolled back a bit)...that should do the job. Thank you very much for the help :D/>
  4. Mother's Milk amp settings

    Hi, I really love John's guitar tone from Mother's Milk and I was wondering what amp settings did he use. Can anyone tell me some similar settings? Thanks :)/>
  5. Early John Frusciante's Ibanez

    Hey guys,I've just found this photo of the pre-Mother's Milk tour and John has got an Ibanez guitar,which could possibly be an RG Prestige...but I'm not so sure...can anyone tell me what guitar is this? Thanks! :)/>
  6. Which delay should i buy?

    As Chili_Pat said,both are classics,but... If you have money to spend,I recommend you the Tc electronics Flashback delay(you can get pretty awesome sounds out of it). If not,one of the best and cheapest delays I've tried is the Ibanez De7.
  7. Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger

    You can hear it also on Wet Sand :)/>
  8. Wah Wah topic! Which is your favourite?

    I absolutely LOVE my Ibanez WF10 and I like the Crybaby From Hell and the Crybaby Jerry Cantrell too.
  9. WF10 depth knop?

    If you look at the back side of the pedal,you'll find two trimmers,one for the fuzz and one for the wah depth.
  10. Getting a good Phaser

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a phaser to complete my pedalboard. I was oriented on a Wylde Phaser I found on sale for € 65,but I also like the Boss PH-2...any suggestions?
  11. The WF10 has just arrived,love it! But for that internal trimmer thing,how can I increase the wah depth? Thanks. Nevermind,I've just done.
  12. Perfect!I think I'll buy it for sure ;)/>Thanks!
  13. Hi,I'm new here and I have a question for all of you: I'm a owner of the WH10V2(which I think is pretty good apart from the tone suck),but yesterday I saw a vintage Ibanez WF10 on sale for €100 on a Italian site. Is it a good price for that pedal?Does it nail the original WH10 sound? Thanks. :)/>
  14. This is an example of a profile comment. Posting comments on other users' profiles is a great way to make new friends or find musicians to work with.