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  1. Yeah it's a pain in the ass to make tabs. Is there a god way to make them, if you know the notes?
  2. You have to post a link, cause I can't seem to find a video or mp3 file.
  3. At what time does it start in this video? :)/>
  4. You know you're where the planets grow You're in the sun I'll face it To go where you're home from "Smile from the streets ypu hold"
  5. I would say pentatonic in both major and minor. And then the diatonic major :)/>
  6. Electric or acoustic

    Ok thanks. Yes ill actually be playing at a concert soon for 300 people, and other concerts in the future, so i need it amplified. Haha :)/> yeah ill sit on the street and play. Which Martin do you own?
  7. Electric or acoustic

    Yeah the Martin is great, but it doesn't have an input, so i cant play that loud.
  8. Electric or acoustic

    Hi I'm soon buying a guitar but i'm not sure if i should by an electric, or an acoustic guitar. The acoustic is a martin 00-15 and the electric is a fender standard american strat. I already own a 50's classic playermexican strat. Thanks :)/>
  9. Building a strat from two other ones

    Couldn't you just buy a neck and not a whole guitar? Btw i have a classic 50's player and i really it love to, and it also has the scratched used look. But i would by a neck and just put in on. :)/> Ps: I have some trouble finding and allen wrench that fits my 50's classic. What do you use because i have to adjust my saddle.
  10. Frusciante's Vocal Range

    In "One more of me" his voice is really deep. I think it's one of the songs where he sings very deep And in the chili peppers song "Shes only 18" he sings with Anthony before the second chorus. :)/>
  11. Prostitution Song Key?

    It's in A#m. Try and use the minor pentatonic scale over the intro
  12. Frusciante guitar sound

    It sounds like his Ibanez wh10 and some overdrive
  13. Any news of reissued vinyl?

    I can't see that gaffa sells any of his records. Do you have a link to that? :)/>
  14. Any news of reissued vinyl?

    Yeah i'm not even sure the have them because they have to order them to their stock.
  15. Any news of reissued vinyl?

    I've ordered The Empyrean on :)/>