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  1. Hi, I have the opportunity to buy either an authentic Ibanez WH-10 or a WF-10 secondhand for a reasonable price. My question is: is the WF-10 the same as the WH-10 with just a fuzz added or is the wah-function different? I really wanna nail that awesome, deep, Fru-wahtone!
  2. Which amps does John use in studio?

    Does anyone know what kind of speakers there are in the Silver Jubilee and the JCM 800?
  3. Hey Manitou, I'd like to ask you a question how did you start practicing this? did you start out slowly by picking precise at a slow speed with a metronome or did you instantly started playing like Frusciante Junior? :P/> I'd love to learn how to play that lick like you and John do but I don't know how I should pick the notes, are both hands really not synchronized? Anyways, I already noticed that John rests his pinky finger below the strings (like Hendrix did) Thanks in advance
  4. Philosophers who inspired John

    Thanks for all the replies guys! I definitely know what books to read now, problem is I don't know which one to read first :P/>
  5. Looking for Contradictions

    Thank you SO much!! :)/>
  6. Looking for Contradictions

    Wow, that's beautiful :)/> where can I find the rest of it? Cuz to be honest, that was slightly illuminating :P/>
  7. Hi, I would love to know about some philosophers who inspired John. I know he likes to read (philosophical) books that enabled him to think about life the way he does now. I'm starting to get really interested in philosophy and I would love to read some books from authors that JF learned from, since I really love his thoughts about life and music (don't we all :P/>) at least what I heard from it in interviews. So if someone could suggest some names (preferably people who actually wrote books) then that would be awesome! Thanks in advance :)/>
  8. Today

    You're welcome :)/>
  9. Today

    Yep! http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/ You should download the song in high quality though, but it doesn't cost a dime.
  10. Today

    Well, I used Youtube Downloader to download Today and Ah Yom, you can try that, it's free :)/>
  11. [REQ] RHCP Keys Songs

    I always thought the chords were Em, Eb, Bb, D, Ab, Cm, Ab, G and that you play the first Ab twice :huh:/> It sounds like that in the master track. But thanks anyway, I'll spend alot of precious time analyzing this and using it in improv. :P/> This helps ALOT, thank you!!!! Edit:quick question: Isn't the D chord in both the Em key and EbMajor key a diminished chord, how does it work then? And I think you mixed up the Eb Minor and the EbMajor scale The Eb Minor scale would be Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb, Cb, Db, Eb (I think, it's relative to the G Major scale) The Eb Major scale is Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb, C, D, Eb So Em and EbM, do they have something in common? Those scales both share the notes G, C and D. And another weird thing: in the EMinorScale you have the chords GMajor and CMajor and in the EbMajorScale you have the corhds GMinorand CMinor so it's reversed. That seems like an idea JF would come up with. Sorry if I seem like a wiseass, answering my own questions :P/>
  12. [REQ] RHCP Keys Songs

    Does anyone know what key the Sir Psycho Sexy outro is? I got the chords but I can't find the key, I tried but it didn't work
  13. The Empyrean Liner Notes

    What the heck!? John did the bass parts for Light? I always thought that only Flea was genious enough to pull off such a funky bass line.
  14. VPRO on DVD?

    Wow, you've got Bram van Splunteren's email? You've got some connections :P/>