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  1. Swahili Blonde is playing 5 shows in California starting tomorrow. It will soon be known, but does anyone know if John is planning to play?
  2. Prostitution Song

    i really love that song. it is flawless.
  3. Modest Mouse the Flaming Lips
  4. Wedding bells

    that's way cool that you're in touch with his mother, Iva. i suppose i have a valid reason to continue drinking tonight! congrats to the two!
  5. Whats going on in LA around August?

    LAweekly.com is the only thing that came to my mind. there's a show on the 4th, RX Bandits with Zechs Marquise. that will be cool.
  6. haven't we agreed that the wh-10v2 does the same thing with sucking tone? get the budda budwah! sounds cool, and zen.
  7. Will John ever tour?

    that's true, but i think the empyrean would've been hard to play live. sure would've been cool, tho. who knows whether the next album will be anything like the empyrean or like any of his other albums? guess we'll just have to wait. i'm not abandoning my hope, but i'm also not going to expect it, and be let down.
  8. Will John ever tour?

    i'm guessing that he'll promote his next album with at least one show. i hope so, at least. :)/>
  9. either i washed my hands after using the toilet, or i lied. i can say that he would be very welcomed appearing as a guest :D/>
  10. i bet he would be weirded out if you called him by his last name. or.. did you only mean when we talk about him? i think we might agree that he wouldn't want to be "idolized" or seen as someone who deserves more respect than everyone else. it's good to respect others' private lives. i support that. and probably the only way that that is achievable is through censorship--because you can't trust people on the internet. but if they really want to find out certain things, they will. i want to defend my first comment... i was, and still am having a fight with my mind. i know that i am quite different from average people. (i didn't realize this til i started maturing. i don't know if it's a developmental disorder, like asperger's or autism... or if it was because i played with mercury as a kid for a month or two... or if it's because of some traumatic event that happened when i was very young that has kinda 'paralyzed' me. (i've heard of people's unconscious blocking traumatic memories until the conscious mind can handle it. but i can't verify that. could be many things tho, you know? i likened that John was kinda different to me, and that gave me a lot of comfort because i felt very alone. alright, who in here is gonna be my psychologist? ;)/>
  11. are you referring to me? because i thought i made it very clear..... i would never bother JF ever. i suppose making a WEBSITE devoted to him is more likely to bother him than i'll ever do. someone who writes a biography on a very "private person" may not be doing so in "private person's" best interest. that matters a LOT to some people. an autobiography would likely be a very CENSORED source of information. like this website.
  12. Will John ever tour?

    i see it reasonably likely he will appear every now and then. i think he's more inclined to play shows close to him. he obviously doesn't like big tours. but a show.... sure.
  13. i think you shouldn't be deciding what's healthy and what's not. it's unhealthy. i have a fascination with this mysterious man. call me a creep if it makes you feel better about yourself. i would never intentionally cause JF any discomfort. (and i'm pretty sure i'll never cause him any discomfort unintentionally.)
  14. i doubt the person will ever see this post... which is good, because if i had seen that i was being .... mocked like that... i'd be shattered. on the other hand, people who stray far enough from the norm like that must be partially unaware of their abnormalities. how else would they be like that? i believe "society" and "etiquette" are just standards "normal" people have set up to feel NORMAL. we love acceptance. being an outcast doesn't feel too great. it feels really shitty. imagine how it must feel to just want to be normal?? actually, i feel exactly like this. i realize now that i'm a total fuckin' weirdo (to most people). i can relate with people being a little obsessive over John Frusciante. i've felt like i shared something special in common with the guy. i idolized his music, philosophy, his temperament. i felt like i related to this person more than anyone else i knew. i had a desire to use heroin for so long because of how much time John spent being a junky. that's crazy, huh? well eventually i was shooting up heroin. i OD'ed on a "bad batch" and went to the hospital. 6 or more other people overdosed that day in my local area. i decided that i was going to live my own life after that. i can't say i'm one of those people who label everything John does as "genius". i think that's crazy. but i understand why people do that. and i'm cool with their progression so far. i think it's wrong to criticize others' mindframes.