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  1. Hi, don't know if someone already posted this or if this fits in here but I found something rare on Youtube the other day. It's an early Edit of the Funky monks documentary with some new material in the ending including an extended scene from john recording the Mellowship Slinky solo. Definitely worth watching it
  2. Oh God, I'm so happy right now. Really looking forward to hearing his voice & music again!
  3. Why does John use Big Muff along with Ds-2

    Well I think he uses it because he likes the sound both of them together. Also, he said once in an interview that he used both pedals at the solo of dani california. If you listen to it you can hear some difference in the sound between the chorus sound (ds2 alone) and the solo sound (ds2+muff). I think he also might have switched on both pedals some time during the slane castle show to create this singing solo sound. Hope that helped.
  4. John's MoogerFoogers

    not only during the bridge. he uses them also before the chorus.http-~~-// at about 0:44. But throughout the 2007 tour he uses the wah at that passage. He also uses the Moogerfoogers during the jams at the end of each concert http-~~-// at about 1:10 you see john twisting the knobs of a moog. Hope that helped.
  5. Soloing

    Take a look at that That gives you a little overview of all the modes :)/>
  6. JF Quotes

    "The most important thing you need is to have contact with the person you are inside and to be honest with yourself. If you have, you dont need drugs." -from a 2006 interview
  7. Ibanez Wh-10 problem

    Have you already tried to put the wah between ds2 and the ce20?
  8. Ibanez Wh-10 problem

    where do you have your wah? before or after the dist section of your pedalboard? Because i had this problem too and when i put my wah right after the dist section of my pedalboard i got my treble signal back (not all but most of it).
  9. Early 90's Pedals?

    The pedal that comes after the DS2 the blue one. Look carefully. I put a good pic of this pedal in the attachment BTW, i think Chili_Pat posted exactly the same picture in the Mothers Milk Gear Thread in the Workshop section of this Forum.
  10. Early 90's Pedals?

    Omg, how could he break a CE-1?! :L This is fantastic info, thankyou so much; and it's great I've finally found someone who actually likes the V2! :P/> Yeah, Chili_Pat told pretty much everything of the pedals in the early 90's. I would also say that you should buy the small clone, 'cause a chorus is so important for the BSSM Sound. And what I would also recommend you is to save your money for a tube amp ( i highly recommend you the bugera v22 - it's cheap and has an amazing vintage sound imo) . then you have everything you need for the main frusciante sound ;)/> BTW I also love my V2 :D/>
  11. Blood Sugar Sex Magik Pedals

    That's weird, I swear he used his DS-2 and CE-1, not just the wah and Big Muff. Also the info in my last post is slightly wrong, he got rid of his Russian Big Muff in about 2001/2002 and then got his USA model in 2004!! It doesn't make sense even more now :/ Has it in BSSM, get's rid of it for a FZ-3, gets a Russian, gets rid of that and doesn't get an American one until 2004, wtf :L He used his DS2 on the BSSM tour, that's for sure. Maybe he just wanted to try out some new fuzz pedals and then he came back to the USA Muff.In the end he replaced it with the english muff'n so I think he was just trying out some fuzz pedals. He's not like The Edge who wants exactly the sound from the studio ;)/>
  12. What song what guitar?

    I know two songs where he uses his Jaguar: Around the World and They're Red Hot. He's playing a Jag in the Funky Monks documentary when they record the song. I think he uses it at Suck my Kiss for some overdubs, as seen in the video but I'm not totally sure. Other Guitars: His classic '62 Fender strat for most live songs, '63 Telecaster (heavily used during BTW), '61 Strat (the white one)during SA , '57 (or '55 I'm not sure) strat, Strat in Fiesta red also at SA, Gretsch White falcon (used for Otherside & Californication) Gibson Les Paul for the Righteous and the Wicked and Readymade, live he uses it also for Fortune Faded. Coral Sitar used for Blood Sugar Sex Magik (the song), again for some overdubs. Hope that helped.
  13. What guitar to buy?

    Well that depends on the mechanics. I mean, a standard Mexico strat doesn't have the quality klusons and vintage mechanics have. i think on a vintage strat it just depends on how good the condition is. Also, with a 2 point tremolo you can do all these Jeff Beck things. Check out this Song: It's nearly completely made out of these 2 point tremolo dives.
  14. What guitar to buy?

    I think to have a 2 point tremolo is the best thing you can have. The guitar stays nearly forever in tune, even after dive bombs,I tried it. these tremolos avoid friction because of only 2 screws instead of 6. with 6 you have much more friction and detuning.
  15. What guitar to buy?

    If you're looking for a guitar with vintage sound just as JF, try a Fender 60s classic player strat. It has got a 2 point tremolo and handwired custom 69 pickups. It's the best strat that i've ever played under 1000$. But you should really go to a guitar shop, trying a few guitars out and then decide which one you like best.