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  1. Pedal used on 'By The Way' live at Slane

    What effects are used during the intro of this song? It sounds very chorus-y or something. (The studio version, not Slane Castle, though that might have it too, haven't listened lately.)
  2. Prostitution Song

    Punched "John Frusciante" into Pandora and that's the first thing that came up. It says it's off the "Brown Bunny Soundtrack". Is this also on a Frusciante album? Thanks in advance, George PS: Love the new look.
  3. Anyways, I kinda get the feeling it'll be more like U2's take on RHCP with the way that Klinghoffer's style compares to Frusciante's.
  4. John Being Stalked?

    Well no kidding it's a good idea! It's NOT OKAY to have someone stalking you. It's NOT OKAY to stalk someone. Some would go as far as to say it's SERIOUSLY BAD. I'm just saying I don't expect her to present any threat to him or his family, more of a creepy, psychotic nuisance.
  5. John Frusciante Movie

    See now this is different. Lady is not certifiably insane (or at least hasn't yet been certified), but I'm convinced she isn't entirely healthy. Clearly the woman belongs in the tabloids. Removed slur used. - Iva
  6. John Being Stalked?

    Stalkers are pretty harmless usually (hell, she admires him, she doesn't want him hurt), but it's understandable that she'd freak him the fuck out. This would be the kinda thing to cite when you rag on the movie, rather than just sticking a "wackjob" sticker on her ("for taking an unlicensed interest in Frusciante" seemed to be the original reason).
  7. neck size and strats

    Stop by a guitarcenter, try what you like. There's curvature and width to the neck, so you can't just say "size" 'cause what you're gonna be comfortable playing is more than that. Personally I've never touched a guitar with a better neck than the Eric Johnson signature stratocaster.
  8. I'm looking for youtube videos of RHCP live with Josh Klinghoffer on lead guitar, has anyone found any videos? I wanna know if they're still red hot when they're live.
  9. JF's pickups

    Antiquities on the strats, the original pickups on anything from that era are toast if the thing's been moved or used enough. Just bear in mind that Frusciante's not even too sure what he's playing as far as pickups go; in some interview he mentioned how he thought they were the original pickups and was eventually told they were Seymour Duncan antiquities. Just know he's going for a warm, vintage tone rather than a more modern, bright tone and you'll have no trouble finding the right pickups. Edit: Looks like you're fresh here, but there's a separate forum full of gear snobs to help you get the gritty details of Frusciante's equipment down to the letter. (It's actually called the "Gear Snobs" forum.) This isn't really a high-traffic forum where sticking it in the wrong place is gonna end the world for you, but you might get better responses looking in the right places. Best of luck, George
  10. I think Iva just made her first joke...
  11. Will John ever tour?

  12. Recording

    I use Audacity as a mixer, if that's what you're after. For recording, I guess you could use the Line In from your computer. It's free and fairly powerful, but some friends tell me they dislike the interface. Here's a link:
  13. Little Big Muff or RAT 2

    Go for that Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face if you can try one in person; it's basically a silicon-transistor clone of the Arbiter fuzz, modded to get that over-the-top Jimi Hendrix sound. Try one in person first though. That'll certainly be heavy enough for you, but if it's a "thick" fuzz you're looking for, I guess go down the Big Muff route. Just never, ever, ever get a Double Muff. They're awful.
  14. Little Big Muff or RAT 2

    Not a fan of either. I prefer the Keely FuzzHead, or the Arbiter FuzzFace (even the Jimi Hendrix fuzz version of the Arbiter is pretty good, but I'm a sucker for Germanium fuzzes). Just make sure if you get an Arbiter, you test the exact unit you buy, since quality varies a ton in germanium transistors.
  15. Way Huge!

    I'm personally not a fan of the Way Huge stuff; none of it really suits me for whatever reason. But! They do make quality electronics, and there are all sorts of trim pots for you to play around with if you open it up. (I think they might even have those exposed if you look at the batteries on some pedals?) So tweak away and get that tone you want out of it!