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  1. Duets

    Fiona Apple
  2. Daniel Johnston. Elliot Smith
  3. Will John ever tour?

    I'd forgotten how much Iva used piss me off before I got to the point in my life where I'm glad that people are who they are and don't change for shit. Classic. Love it. Seriously it's great. People and their personalities are what they are. Ain't nobody changin shit, man. Anybody else share the opinion that Live shows are somewhat overrated? I'm starting to feel like there's this infatuation with it being about being in the presence of the musician and not the music. I'm totally scrambled up in the head lately so I can't really formulate this thought the way I want to but yeah, I love seein my favorite musicians live but it's just gettin to be not worth it with the money side a things. The more I play my own waves and listen to my favorite shit in the settings I love I'm just not as into the live thing as I used to be. Eh. Don't know really. I'm only willing to go fairly short lengths to see anybody play live anymore.
  4. Reverse guitar effects pedal

    Shit man get a cassette recorder and practice flipping it around really quick or something. That or become an electrical engineer or a jedi master. I think the Line 6 was your last hope. Gear snobs is the perfect title for this section.
  5. Niandra Lades Guitars used by John Frusciante

    Ten to blood butter voodoo sounds like an ibanez but who knows. Yeah! more Niandra discussions man I love it! Mascara and blood butter have consumed large portions of my days. And untitled 16 and pussy's glued fuck man I absolutely love this album.
  6. Niandra Lades Guitars used by John Frusciante

    Wierd, my earlier post came out way wrong. Are you trying to emulate the sound or just curious? I ask because I've found the cheaper and mellower the acoustic the closer I get to the sound of that album. I've been jamming a lot of Niandra on an old Harmony archtop lately and I've been real pleased with the similarity. I'm also guessing that the overall sound and timbre of the entire album has loads to do with it being recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder (am I correct?) Particularly because the sound is very similar when you plug an electric directly through distortion into one of these things. I'm fairly certain that if you find out what guitars he was using as his main's on Blood Sex you'll find what he used on Niandra since he recorded it in the mansion while they were making that album. Or so I have read.
  7. Niandra Lades Guitars used by John Frusciante

    n ads;lkfjad/
  8. Reissues?

    ^ That was pleasant.
  9. Ibanez ORM 1

    Anybody plugged one in? My only concern is the quality of the electronics.
  10. Ibanez ORM 1

    I'm interested in buying one of these Rodriguez Ibanez. Anybody reccomend buying one?
  11. Great Articles For Guitar Tone Enthusiasts

    Thanks man.
  12. John's big muff settings

    Can anybody comment on the difference between the new USA muff and the vintage ones?
  13. Strip my mind

    Are Frusciante's vocals going through a Leslie? Was he using the usual rig for the solo? Also, anybody know what David Gilmour's rig was for "Any colour you like" Thanks for any help.
  14. stratocaster necks

    Warmoth has good quality necks and they're pretty affordable. A good setup should eliminate buzz right? I've always thought if it's buzzing either the rod needs an adjustment or the frets need to be leveled. Anyways good luck man and look into warmoth if you haven't already found something.
  15. Led Zeppelin sound

    Your fingers really do have a lot to do with tone. He has great technique.