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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I really like the other songs you mentioned (Monarchy, Factory of Faith, Brutus and Did I Let you Know), but wanted to say that I absolutely agree with the above comment. I love that song! :)/>
  2. I agree with Nimi that there had to be another way of getting your point across than putting these people's thoughts and words up for ridicule :(/>. Paraphrasing would have been a better and kinder option. Iva, it may not be "illegal" to quote people as you have, but it is pretty unethical..not to mention unkind. Ryan, they may not see this thread, but then again they might. Who knows? I just don't agree with making a point at other people's expense.
  3. This is exactly what I said earlier, but you're faaar more polite than me. :flowers Iva, now I'm confused. I thought you said earlier that you do like SB?
  4. Ditto.Everyone's entitled to their opinion...you don't have to agree with it...but they are entitled to it.
  5. Brown Bunny

    The Mahahyana Ideal, or Bodhisattva, is a deeply compassionate being who remains in the world until all others have been delivered from suffering.'http://www.rpi.edu/~verwyc/Zen.htm In the article I read on Zen Buddhism ^ the "Ideal Human Being" not only renounces attachments ...which you suggest Gallo is referring to in the quote you gave...but also includes the second part, which I have written above. Everything I have read about Gallo suggests that he has been somewhat successful in the first aspect..but he still has a lot of room for improvement in the compassion department. He comes across as an intelligent, astute, somewhat defensive and sometimes hostile individual. He also seems charismatic and interesting, though not particularly likable. Certainly, he evokes strong and opposing reactions in people. Not many seem indifferent to him..they either like him or loathe him. I agree with what you say about it being difficult to not care about what others think and that Gallo's ability to do this and to stand alone is an admirable thing. It requires great independence of spirit and great strength of character. However, these attributes could just as easily have come from a tough upbringing ..and having to be a survivor and forge his way with limited emotional support...as from his spiritual beliefs. And the quote you gave could also be seen as much as a defence-mechanism as a Buddhist philosophy. If you don't care about anything then nothing can hurt you anymore...and if you tell yourself this enough..then you develop an inner steel against the hurt this would otherwise cause. Likewise if you expect absolutely nothing from anybody, then you can't..or are much less likely to... feel rejection or disappointment etc... I'm not saying this is the basis of his feelings..just offering an alternative viewpoint. It could well be that both reinforce the other and that his upbringing led him to Zen Buddhism philosophy, which was a good fit for him. I was interested in the dynamics of his and John's friendship because of what seemed to be the disparity between them. You refer to the hero/villain dichotomy. There is also the idealist/realist; the innocent v the street-wise and the loved v the one others love to hate, amongst others. But on other fundamental levels, to do with their work and views on artistic integrity..which are probably more important to them anyway..they are pretty similar. Both seem to prefer to have total control over all aspects of their work..so are happier working alone than with others, where some compromise is usually necessary. And both seem passionate that it is the "art" and not the artist that is the most important thing and endeavour to leave their egos out of the creative process. So the dichotomies are more to do with the differences in their personalities. But they are essentially trying to achieve the same objectives, just coming at it from different ends of the spectrum. Maybe in a way Vincent is like John's older brother...just more outspoken, more sarcastic, more hard-edged and a lot more of an asshole?
  6. Brown Bunny

    Freyr, I hope there is as much substance to Vincent Gallo... and to the conception of the "Going Inside" video ... as what you seem to think. I've wondered before why John and Gallo are such good friends ...or at least they were at one point in time ... because on the surface they appear to be quite different. Whereas John seems humble, understated and tries to avoid attention as much as possible, Gallo comes across as the exact opposite. I came to the conclusion that they probably are very different in many ways but they are alike to the extent that they're both passionate about their work - and art and the notion of creative freedom in general - and they are both strong-minded and strong-willed individuals. They both seem to be very open-minded and free thinking people as well. However, the manner in which they present these aspects of themselves to the world seem VERY different. You may be right in your last paragraph when you suggest that Gallo only said those things for the lulz...OR...he could have said them because he's an egomaniac and blatant attention seeker. What's more likely is that it was a bit of both. There's a big difference between embracing the ideals of spirituality and discarding the "Ego" and being able to put these things into practice. While both men may have these aspirations in common, in respect of the latter - and from my perspective - John seems the much more advanced of the two. Having said all that, on a personal level there's something I find slightly repugnant about Gallo and he lacks both the humility and the "likeability" that John has. But maybe that's exactly what John likes about him, that he does his own thing and doesn't give a toss what others think about him?
  7. That is just pure assumption based on. ..by all accounts anyway... a false premise. Flea is on record saying they chose to go with Josh because he's a friend as well as a versatile and talented musician, and Chad has said that although Josh is different from John, he's an awesome musician in his own right and brings a new and dynamic energy to the recording sessions. It's a bit hard to tell how somebody feels based only on how they look in still photographs. You can smile for a photo even when you feel miserable and likewise you can get caught unawares not smiling for the camera when you actually feel okay. Everything seems to be fine..I don't think there's any reason to worry or be negative. Just wait and see what happens. :headphone:/>
  8. I'm always interested in hearing what John has to say, but to be honest...in the 20 minutes I have watched that were previously posted here...he doesn't really say anything I haven't heard him say before, here and there, in other interviews. But I haven't heard the other 25 mins of this interview so can't comment on that or the rest of the DVD either, which sounds like it would be really interesting to watch in its entirety. That's not to say that I don't like hearing John wax lyrical about his views on music...because I do...just that a lot of these views are already familiar to me.
  9. thank you, Sue!! :) i'll write you tomorrow, since this day's going to be very busy.. and i'll finally get a turtle :)

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day whatever you end up doing. :P

  11. johhny marr "eggs"

    Well, maybe John just forgot?...Or perhaps he knew Johnny was vegetarian but didn't realize he was VEGAN, because not all vegetarians are vegan? I dunno, but assuming you're right, I'm guessing that Johnny politely declined the offer...
  12. Quotes about John

    Speaking of John and vegetable quotes, this is one I've always found memorable: "If you were to think of John Frusciante as a vegetable, chili pepper would not come to mind. Beet, perhaps. Strange and sweet, grows in the dark, bleeds easily." [spin Magazine Interview, August, 2002] Edit: The interviewer immediately followed this vegetable analogy with an anecdote about John, presumably to underscore her point. For those who are interested, or not familiar with the article, I've written this out below: "During the MTV concert, Frusciante cut the tip of his finger bending a string. When the band’s road manager put some disinfectant on it later, Frusciante emitted a long, loud waaaaaaa. Apparently, he has a low pain threshold. This man, who ravaged his body with needles, this living Lazarus, held up his finger as if he just needed someone to kiss it."
  13. What is Music

    The language of the universe concept strikes a chord with me too. I see music as a powerful unifying force..that in concert, draws large numbers of people of diverse ages and backgrounds together in a very positive way..that speaks to them, and enables them to communicate with each other, in a common language.As you said, on an individual level, you can put your headphones on and music can transport you to another place...a place that is at once escapist, therapeutic and magical. I find it doesn't matter what kind of music I'm listening to either. I can get to this same place at a classical music recital, with just a solo piano being played, just by closing my eyes. Likewise before and after work, I can crank the volume up in my car and lift my spirits in a way that is both soothing and uplifting...It's a special force of good in the world and I cannot imagine living without it..to me it is colour and emotion represented in sound : )
  14. Favorite Chili Peppers' album

    While what I said ^^ still stands, if I HAD to choose one and only one favourite, it'd have to be BSSM.
  15. Favorite Chili Peppers' album

    In no particular order my favourites are: BSSM Californication By The Way Depends on my mood which one I choose to listen to and when, but I love all three. I really like about 2/3rds of SA as well, but there 's more tracks I'm not as keen on and...as an overall piece of work...I don't think it's quite as strong as the other three.