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  1. haha, I was seeing your profile before and I liked it, your personal statement kind of matches some of my thoughts :) (althought I don't really know if it's a good thing. oh, well..) And I've downloaded your music to my celphone too :)

  2. oh Vicky you're so fine,

    you're so fine you blow my mind,

    HEY VICKY *clap clap, clap*


    [/ cleverness]

  3. I like Pepsi too [2] :)

  4. btw, my project is called Lo-Fi 1720 :)

  5. hey, I've listened to your music and I really loved. It's already in my cellphone/mp3 player. did you have some more? I think I could add you at myspace with my project, but my profile still empty 'cause the songs aren't 100% finished yet... Would you mind? All the best to you!

  6. hey, happy b-day :) hope you'll have a great day with your friends & family, and get a bunch of cool presents :)

  7. John has started a BLOG!

    KeRRiGaN, that's exactly I see here too ;\ It's weird. I wasn't into any other people's blog you know, but I liked the idea of his blog and everything (agreeing with many others points of view in this thread). I'd like to read what he thinks 'bout -I don't know- space, constellations, whatever like that, but I start to think that maybe he would be so involved by whatever he's doing or thinking it would be hard to put in a post, or the feeling would be so strong he couldn't put it in words... Anyway, if we have to wait(wonder? haha) for some announcement or changing of design and such, I used to love that clouds on his old site :)/>
  8. John has started a BLOG!

    and now, all we see at his site is: Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.0.54 Server at Port 80 :closedeyes:/>
  9. hey..sorry, i was a bit busy these days. anyway, b-day is just another day for me, i don't understand that hype..but nevermind. how are you?

  10. Nope, everything is fine. Perhaps the server had a brief hiccup while you were downloading. Also, if you're a Firefox user, make sure you rename files from .php to .mp3 as there's some odd download bug.

  11. I was doing nothing at a brazilian community 'bout John when I saw a topic talking 'bout that. It seems it's a italian movie/book and was written by Enrico Brizzi ('Jack Frusciante รจ uscito dal gruppo' it's the original title). Has anyone seen or read something about it?
  12. you're saying it's an artificial thing... what do you think about it? ;~

  13. thanks, vicky :) i'm not into that "birthday mood" and it's a bit artificial for me..but nevermind, thanks :) hope you'll have a nice day, too ;)

  14. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a nice day :)