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  1. First it was said to be for August, then December, but now December is approaching and we still haven't heard any news. I'm actually not expecting it for this year.
  2. Wayne

    Nice to see Flea and Chad also reacting, and Chad retweeting John's official tweet.
  3. PBX - 10. Walls And Doors (bonus track)

    One knows to end it all Let go tomorrow, soul 'Let go' sounds to me 'echo', but I can't say, I'm far from being a English native. What I'm pretty sure it's not 'soul' because there is a 'ssss' sound after, so, maybe 'souls' (or 'sounds'?)?
  4. Maybe some people could be interested to hear what others think of the Letur-Lefr. So I'm sharing my first impressions after a few listening. The whole thing: The EP is amazing. I was quite confident but I admit I had also a small fear of something a little bit less solid than his other works. It is not. As usual, John has created something full of emotion. It's incredible how he's able to always explore new places and pull such forces from them. The question while listening shouldn't be "is there much guitar and not too much rap and electronics?", there are all of these and they all fit really well together. The album is so rich that we could write on it for hours, here are just some of my impressions. In Your Eyes: My favourite one. There are at least 10 different parts in this song that all together make a mind-blowing song. Remember John has said this song is the sequel to In My Light, and that for him, Letur-Lefr is about two becoming one. Don't you feel the deep positive vibe, and, especially at the end of the song, simplicity, love and happiness? 909 day: The first part sounds like Depeche Mode, but with something in more I can't describe. I love the synth with a middle-age sound from 0.55s. The rap voices add a lot to this special atmosphere. The second part is magnificent, with John's voice and the synths. The sample at the end make the sound even more emotional. Glowe: All the songs on the EP are great so this one too. But I think all the other songs are better than Glowe. Good news for those who still wait to hear the EP :-) FM: I'm not a rap lover or hater. Sometimes rap is just great. Here, it is. The second part of the sound is amazing, but it wouldn't be if it wasn't preceded by the first part. In My Light: Lyrics are beautiful... Again, a song in different parts (four). The second part (1.03s > 1.27) is surprising and fits so well after the first one. The last one (from 1.57s) is one of the beautiful thing John has done. I think this part is the darkest of the album (but dark is not the good word), the rap fits very well, John's again exploring his voice in new directions. At the end, you want to hear the sequel. So, you never stop playing Letur-Lefr, we don't even wait for PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone.
  5. Has he also said if he liked the album?
  6. Thanks for sharing! It sounds yet better now! In Your Eyes is still my favorite.
  7. He says that he is proud and happy for all the members to be recognized in the Hall of Fame and say some words about his son's childhood. Click here to see the entire article :,0,5192349.story
  8. New news on John's activities?

    From Share Watson's twitter : Anders Boska: "When can we hear what you did with John? Can`t wait!!!" Share Watson: "when John releases it, it's his album not mine" Julián Benencia: "what about your work with John Frusciante? :D/>" Share Watson: "my work w/John F for MY album will b released when the album is" Anders Boska: "Like I said, Can`t wait! You`re lucky to get to work with one of the worlds best musicians!" Share Watson: "so is he doll ;)/>" RHCP_Italy: “sorry Truth if i bother you, but are you sure he will release an album before long?there are conflicting rumors“ Share Watson: “I'm not sure what he's doing as I cannot speak for any other artist!All I know is at the conception of the idea 4 the song we did together, his plan was to release a project..he didnt say whether commercially or how..sorry I don't have more info for u” (
  9. Central

    Hummm, why not? It makes sense. Anyway, interesting thought.
  10. Looking for Contradictions

    Some of the quotes from Maya___and the Cosmic Dance are confusing me, but I love them. By the way, "being confused is an exercise" ;)/> One of the most intriguing for me is "The will to death is what keeps me alive". I'd say the will to death means the reason to live (and actively) because you don't want to die for nothing. Others have a rather clear meaning to me, and I love them too: When I read "to be here you first got to die", I understand "die" as the symbol of the step to get further. It can be just the symbolic death, the death of the ego (which is also the main concept on The Empyrean). "I wouldn't know my face if you all were me" I love this sentence because I think that it means that the only way to know yourself is to know the others, it looks like a promotion of the difference between every human (for example, between sex, race, opinion, etc.), this is why it should be boring, if not the hell, to be the last man on earth. "being tall means lacking height" seems to refer to arrogance (but maybe the real arrogance woudl be that I pretend to know the meaning of this). "Language is false but it speaks to me" seems to refer to the idea that what matters is the personal meaning we get from the language (this is not true to say that places are gone when they're no one to see them, but it speaks to me).
  11. New news on John's activities?

    Now it seems that things are getting ore and more interesting. But did you find a reliable source that says it's for 2012? Anyway, even if it was reliable, I think it's impossible to be certain of that as they're still recording. Watson also tweeted that she only helping John on two songs.!/TruthHurtsInc/status/153222951267860481
  12. New news on John's activities?

    Oh nice goofyrat!
  13. New news on John's activities?

    Merry Christmas : Share Watson twit again about John, and this is great : (I had tears in my eyes when I read it, I was not ready to read this kind of news now, it was just so unexpected even if this was kinda logical after the others twits)
  14. I think it's not that much a choice : they jammed and this is the product, I don't think Josh was in condition to bring the base ideas as John did, so Flea and Anthony did the first job and Josh followed as he could and was not able to do something very dominating. (This is just a supposition, but Flea's interview where he says that it was all different to play with Josh because he never came with the expected solos tends to make me believe that. Moreover, I'm not musician, but when hearing the guitar on the album, it hardly never sounds like a base riff for a song but more as a jam on what the others did)
  15. I was expecting something much more below what they did with Frusciante, but still something good. After hearing The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, I was then expecting something very boring. Then, when listening to the album, I hadn't found it boring, but not as good as expected at first. The good sides : - Even You Brutus? is a good song - Factory of Faith, Look Around or Did I Let You Know are nice too - When Josh's voice is well present, it's pretty - Josh guitar is not totally sterile - John's departure seem to have forced the others to wake : Flea is more present, probably because if not, the album would have been quite bad. Sometimes, Kiedis is not bad. Bad sides : Many boring songs, Josh cannot create good melodies, Kiedis is often as boring as usual... The point is that John is no more there, this is what is missing to the new album. His solo's have been replaced by some bridges or Flea solo. This is not bad, but this is not good. When watching the firsts live video on Youtube, John is even more lacking. I prefer so many other rock band to this "new rhcp", even if I will continue to follow them closely.