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  1. To Anyone Wanting to Learn Guitar

    Yeah, his website is great and he's a great teacher. I learned my first chord watching his video about a year ago ^_^/>
  2. N.A.S.A Way down Official video for Way Down

    That was a great way to start off March; it was my first time hearing the song, let alone the video. Thanks for the link, Josh.
  3. Dreams with John Involved

    I've had one dream with John. He came to my house and we both sat on my bed, listening to a playlist I had saved to Foobar. We didn't talk much, and then one of his songs started playing on the playlist. I thought he thought I was a douchebag for playing one of his own songs to him; I was thinking "what am I doing? he knows what his own music sounds like," followed by some awkward silence, and then I woke up.
  4. Awesome! I'm hyped now. I hope we can see or hear it. Thanks for the news, surfsunadam.
  5. I can hear the resemblance in their intros. Not exactly the same but I can hear what you're hearing. And welcome to the forum, para-force.
  6. Autograph signing

    After making that post I was listening to the Live at Hyde CD, and he says something like "I met James Brown was huge." Along with your story, the not-being-able-to-relate theory seems to be out the window.
  7. Autograph signing

    I wonder if Anthony's attitude comes from not ever being in the "fan position" and thus not being able to relate. He was a child actor if I remember correctly, and his dad was an actor as well; it could cause him to relate more to "being the famous-person and not the fan-person" because he's always been closer to that. From reading interviews from John, it seems like he has spent a good deal of his time looking up to his favorite musicians, so he'd be able to relate to being a fan and loving a person in a band that he's never met before. I'm trying not to talk in absolutes, since I don't really know; just a thought I was having.
  8. Is Frusciante Slipping?

    I think this is a really good post. I don't have anything to add to the discussion; just thought I'd say that.
  9. It always amazes me when...

    It always amazes me how special the song Ramparts is.
  10. John at Johnny Ramone tribute, 01st August 2008

    It seems I took it the wrong way, sorry. Misunderstandings happen all the time; don't stop posting just because of me :blush:/>
  11. John at Johnny Ramone tribute, 01st August 2008

    Whoa, why the hate? I don't know the woman on the left (although names were posted) but the woman on the right is Rose McGowan. I don't follow her, but I've heard an interview or two and she seems like a real cool person. I'm with you (predicting bad omens based on facial hair is especially strange), although I disagree with the "It's not a good thing." I don't think anyone can tell what will turn out to be a good or bad thing.
  12. Could someone please transcribe...

    I'm all done. Is there an e-mail I should send it to?
  13. Could someone please transcribe...

    By transcribe you mean copy the words in text-form, yeah? I'll do it for the Bikini mag :frustrated:/>
  14. What would you request?

    Everyperson is a good one, but even more than that I'd like to hear The Slaughter.
  15. Video from George Clinton's party

    I've never noticed that :D/> Now I'm going to be listening out for it. Thanks for posting, ladybird.