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  1. Ataxia - AWII

    I dont like the new Ataxia record, except Empthines response.
  2. Iam coming with my girlfriend Goga, but I dont know if we are gonna get in the front. :wub:/>
  3. John photo thread

    Favorite part of dani california!!! ;)/> I really like this one!! :wub:/>
  4. I like We are the one that mkae you fell better, I think that all John's problems with drugs, gave some debt to his music. He is genius, and in the same time simple man.
  5. John is the RHCP when it comes to inspiration and music style. You can see that everying they made without him wasnt that good. I dont expect from Anthony to write music, but I think he fits in with lyrics. I just dont see where is the end of Johns creativity
  6. I did like the setlist, there is only one wish for m, if i ever get the chance to see the RHCP, I want them to play dont forget me. That is the best song ever made!
  7. I think this is good for a band such as RHCPbecause they depend on media, kind of...they like publicity. Expecially Anthony :)/>
  8. top 10

    I made my choice easily....WET SAND, I love that song
  9. I would like to hear bunker hill, i love that song :)/>
  10. La sirena

    I'am fascinated by John's guitar playing, it sounds so beautiful. It can take you to to another dimension. That is the reson why I like John so much. Pure talent :bounce:/>
  11. I need a hankie for Ramparts

    I have the same "problem" when listening The Seasons First and Fake plastic trees ( radiohead).
  12. European SA tour: general discussion

    Great pics :D/> :(/>
  13. I was home so in 00:00 I was listening The will to Death :)/>
  14. Tiny Dancer

    Well boys and girls :D/> ,I'm a bit boring so I'am here all day long,and there is no one here,I guess you work or somthing,so thats ok.As I say while I was doing nothing I thought that would be great to find real Elton John's Tiny Dancer that we all love very much.I found it,but midi,for mobile <3/> ,anyway I'm sitting on my chair and listening this melody,I can tell that is great :D/> .if you are bored,here is a link,you can also find Elthon John concerts.Relaxing :(/> Tiny Dancer
  15. I didn't read book,my girfriend Goga read it and she told me about it,she is on this forum to.She will give a book,I hope I'll be alive whewn that happens :D/> ,soory Goga I have to say this <3/>