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  1. official statement

    I have mixed feelings, because I love the Chili Peppers so much and will miss what they all did together. But I am glad that no one has hard feelings, and that they are all just trying to do what feels right. I also thought it was funny that John used a smiley :D/>. Good luck John and the rest of the band, whatever you end up doing in life.
  2. Tabbers needed...

    Err, if you decide to, just don't publicly announce that you copied them from the official tab book :P/> . I mentioned in the thread in the musicians forum that sometimes people see a tab they have made as a creative work on its own and consider it stealing or plagiarizing when other people copy it. I think a lot of people just have a strange view on ownership.
  3. On Sphere in the heart

    Now that I know Josh better I never mistake him for a woman. But I admit, the first time I heard Omission and I had no idea who he was, I just assumed it was a woman singing with John. :D/>
  4. This would be true, but there are not very standardized guidelines for the layout of tab/scores, so completely accurate tabs would have the same notes, but they might still be structured all differently. I noticed when making my tabs that I had to make a lot of decisions about what I thought was the best way to organize the sections of the song accurately to represent it, and it can end up really feeling like you had creative input in it. Because of this creative aspect of tabs, I think some people feel attached to ones they make and don't want them to just be put up on other sites anonymously or without them knowing. Personally, whoever wants to use my tabs can do whatever they want with them and put them up anywhere because I made them to share them with other people, but some people might be bothered by that sort of thing, so this is just to make sure nobody gets upset.
  5. John's old site*/JOHNFRUSCIANTE.COM I would usually suggest that, but since his site used flash it doesn't seem to be working for me. But the Nov 29, 2001 did work and I never even saw that version before. Very interesting.
  6. Tabbers needed...

    I don't know if anyone cares about these, but I made a tab of Inside a Break and added it to my Inside of Emptiness tabs. You can view the tab here. As I said in another thread a little while ago, I made this small website so you can view the Sibelius files in the browser to play the tabs (although it doesn't seem to work well in all browsers). There is also a pdf version available there. Iva, if you put these up in the tab section one day, get the latest versions of them because I edited them all a bit just now. :guitar:/>
  7. nevermind

    I got to read the story of your video camera while it was up, and I'm assuming it has come back to life! Good to hear :)/>.
  8. For the record, we were worried too that the album covers might not count as our own art, and that the people running from the cover of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust might count as inappropriate nudity, but we checked it over with Iva along the way to make sure it was alright and she said it was fine :rolleyes:/>Did anyone notice the Richard D. James face in place of the amputecture woman's in ours? It was my favorite part :D/>
  9. Iva, I don't know if you have noticed yet, and please don't bash your head into a wall over this ( :frustrated:/> ) or anything because it is no big deal, but page 114 and 115 are a bit.. similar. Sylvia's piece is so good though it is certainly worthy of appearing twice. :)/>
  10. The Empyrean Tabs

    I just tried the new version of God and I liked it much more. I think the guitar part makes more sense played on the lower open chords as you have it now than how it was before. :guitar:/>
  11. Nella Lind, if you are out there, yours is my favorite. I think it's so neat that someone took the time to knit one.
  12. Newly Discovered Recording?!?

    Don't worry about it man. It was exciting just thinking about the possibility of it existing for a while, and it wasn't a failure. It isn't possible to identify an instrumental song you've never heard before, and we appreciate that you told us about the song instead of just keeping it to yourself in case it was somehow real.
  13. Tabbers needed...

    I used Guitar Pro for the curtains book, but it isn't the best for making sheet music because it doesn't let you really format how everything looks. I use Sibelius now. I made these with it, and I really liked using it. Also, I know how repeats work in music, but I was never sure how to do them in the tabs. If you have a chord progression repeating, Guitar Pro forces all instruments to repeat those measures, so I couldn't have another instrument soloing over repeating parts. Does anyone know what the right way to do it is? I could just not use repeats, but then it seems like the tabs would be too long and not show the structure of the song as much. edit- And Iva, I emailed you the pdf, but the one I posted a few posts earlier worked on both my computers. What was up with it?
  14. Tabbers needed...

    No problem Iva. I'm sure it is tough making a new section on the site, and hopefully now that it is up it will be easier to add things to. I made some stupid mistakes in the old tab book like got key signatures and chord names wrong, so I hope the people downloading it already don't think I'm too stupid. :)/>
  15. Tabbers needed...

    I'm glad the tabs are up, Iva. Just letting you know, the Curtains tab book you have up is the older version. This is the last one I did: Curtains.pdf