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  1. new frusciante albums

    Can't resurrect this particular thread. Hope you'll be OK. :/
  2. Interviews Thread

    We have existed for a year and a half by the time they appeared and we were never on good terms. I'll spare you from details, but that website is not run ethically. And John should do what he wants. If he currently does not want to talk about "the band" and does not want to perform - fine. As long as he's creative, healthy and happy, he should not be a performance monkey in hands of some fat guys in suits who probably have their own ways of controlling fragile types. Music industry is evil and even though the small labels are full of minority-complex filled I KNOW A FAMOUS PERSON WOW types, at least there are no shackles of the LOOK LIKE THIS, PERFORM LIKE THIS, WE INVENTED THE STORY OF YOUR REDEMPTION AND USED YOUR BELIEFS AS MARKETING BUZZWORDS mafia. There is life without the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's just that people need something to belong to, something that is universally accepted, something to make a hobby, something they're constantly fed with and made believe that it's a matter of give and take. We're all about instant gratification. We "miss" people we never met, bands when they're not touring, we give strangers the lives we made up for them and in most cases, this fantasy has nothing to do with truth. And everybody knows that Mother Goat is the only true goddess. John can do nothing but accept to be canonised as a demigoat and join us cool kids. Then we can all play Goat Simulator. / foolosophy
  3. Interviews Thread

    Could have been edited for clarity, too.
  4. For those who claim otherwise: the album has been mastered for vinyl.
  5. Esti, John has not done a solo show since June 2005. On his 2001 solo shows, he did some songs off Smile. January 27th, 2001 - London - Well I've Been http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-01-27 January 28th, 2001 - London - Life's a Bath http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-01-28 February 03rd, 2001 - Paris - Life's a Bath, Smile From The Streets You Hold http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-02-03 February 08th, 2001 - Amsterdam - Life's a Bath, Well I've Been http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-02-08 February 13th, 2001 - Toronto - Femininity http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-02-13-2 March 15th, 2001 - New York - Enter a Uh [tease] - pretty sure our friend went to this show http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-03-15 March 19th, 2001 - Los Angeles - Life's a Bath, Smile From The Streets You Hold http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-03-19 March 31st, 2001 - Los Angeles - Life's a Bath http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-03-31 April 27th, 2001 - San Francisco - Life's a Bath http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-04-27 May 01st, 2001 - Los Angeles - Femininity, Smile From The Streets You Hold http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-05-01
  6. Other than the first two posts in the thread, the rest has barely anything to do with To Record Only Water For Ten Days, so how about we go back to the topic?
  7. And the photos of John looking happy in late 2015 or at any given time this year are kind of the best. There were not many of those from mid-2007 to 2014, when one thinks of it. When those two stupid pics from the premiere of Love popped up last November, he just looked...different. As if he woke up and could see again or something like that. Sorry for a stupid post. Reverting to my cold person shtick ASAP. Here are some pictures from what appears to be 1989. The source is this blog, though searching for the pages they were on yields no results.
  8. Welcome, Michelle. And whatdoyaknow, teh mod dude got there before me.
  9. Still didn't get the CD and the silver vinyl - too many cool things this year!
  10. Hey, welcome to the forum. - says the admin who was so obsessed with a totally random place that she forgot to look at it for a month The video is great in so many ways. I saw some people describe it as a result of what happens when running away from own transgressions, but for some reason, my first thought when I saw it was that it was about people turning their backs on you and doing something you don't expect them too, everybody leaving you when you need them most...but then again, I'm probably wrong, we tend to juxtapose things against our own experiences. What does everybody else think?
  11. Re, the photo with a fan lady above: those hashtags are so unfortunate. O_O I would instead put something like #goats and #cockatoos - would make more sense in 2016. YES. YES. YES. That's what hip kids are into, not the band. And then one'd have a lovely grid of related photos of Mollucans freaking out in agreement. Anyway, something that actually makes sense - the cover of Venice Magazine from September 1991. The other images can be found at this URL and some of them are NSFW: http://invisible-movement.net/v/magazines/1991/09venice
  12. Smoke Da Roach

  13. Hi, welcome. I'm...actually not sure if I ever ended up posting that, as I have memory problems; but I've added it to my list of things and I'll let you know. The files exist, they only need formatting. And gosh, this is a great topic to bump, because...art in general.
  14. Black Knights - Excalibur

    That second post has nothing to do with anything, I think?! Excited about the album.
  15. Always nice to see him live and breathe and all. Hope he's doing well.