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  1. That second post has nothing to do with anything, I think?! Excited about the album.
  2. Always nice to see him live and breathe and all. Hope he's doing well.
  3. recent chronology

    Good idea for a thread. I'm pretty sure that "music for his own pleasure" refers to all John creates, not necessarily what he's creating now. And that it does not exclude other people's pleasure, but that, during a period of time, it excluded feedback from the creative process itself. I think all the full-lenghts were made before 2012 or not later than that year, but I might as well be wrong.
  4. TL_, bless you for your ethics.
  5. Something about that last image (not the photo, the whole thing) just freaked me out bigtime. I have no idea what, but it did. I think I need some fresh air. Here's a pic from AnOther Magazine, Spring/Summer 2002.
  6. Hi Nicholas, welcome to the board. The lyrics we have posted on the website that this forum is an extension of are identical to those in the booklet, directly copied from there. http://invisible-movement.net/song/after-the-ending I plan to take photos of all the releases for the site with my DSLR this week, so if you want, I can get you After the Ending in super-sharp format as well. Please, let me know, as otherwise I'll go from either the first or most recent release.
  7. A photo of John jamming with Dewa Budjana, or the other way round.Thanks to Anisa for the heads-up. Originally from Dewa Budjana's instagram.
  8. Leaks Policy

    This thread is in rough state, but expect it to make more sense soon. What is a leak? In the music industry, when a song or album is being put out before it is officially released, usually online. Sometimes when an artist's album has been leaked, they release their album earlier than planned for fear of the bootleggers. I-M.net/YSIGTABOF stance on leaks Commercial releases: - You can post links to the sites where you found song previews/snippets - You can post YouTube videos containing these previews IF the accounts they're on do not contain anything else. There have been many attention-seekers who used JF's music as a mean of promoting themselves. Non-commercial releases (e.g.stuff from jfdirectlyfromjf): - If it was uploaded and made private, then it's private for the time being. -If it was uploaded and kept there, do not link a rip from your YouTube or whatever - give us actual links. Fakes: - If you fell for them, it's OK. But in general, these things come from shady sources. - If you made them and posted them here, we may restrict you from posting for a period of time.
  9. Fake new material

    This was posted in the other thread without any explanation; and I edited it out. I-M.net/YSIGTABOFstance on this is the following: - If it was uploaded and made private, then it's private for the time being. John probably had a good reason for removing it. How many people upload things by accident every day or make stuff public when it was not meant to be public - yet, or ever? - If it's fake, well, it's not our shame. Check the rough draft of our new leak policy for more information. Hope JF clears this up sometime soon. Until then, I will edit the video out and close the thread. In either case, we're giving somebody attention for something they should not have done.
  10. question

    Closing the duplicate topic.
  11. Test

    Kalispera, Fotini, thanks for joining us. Do you need any help getting started? I moved your topic to the suitable test area.
  12. I merged the accounts. If something does not work right, drop me a line, but it should work.
  13. The purpose of this topic is to explain user permissions and limits, depending on what group the user is in. Since the guests are allowed to see the board again, as of December 3rd, 2015; I thought that this would be useful. For the purpose of this post, "content" includes the following: topics/threads, replies, private messages, blog posts, blog comments, status updates and status comments. Profile information, reputation votes and reports are not content. These are NOT the board rules. GUESTS - Can view the entire board and all public forums. - Cannotview Multimedia and Downloads, Promote Your Music, The Marketplace, Newbies' Cornerand the Off Topic forums. - Can view members' profiles and blogs. - Can search, but onlyonce every fifteen minutes/900 seconds. - Cannotpost any content,vote in polls, give and view who gave reputation. - Cannot view members' signatures. - Cannot have an actual user account and all of its benefits: username, user profile, ability to send private messages, report posts and follow content via custom streams. - Can follow content using a basic, board-wide activity stream that cannot be customised further. - Can share content to other social networks and via e-mail. - Cannot be ignored by other users. - Cannot view the site when offline for maintenance. - Shows up in online user list under the general name Guest or as one of multiple Guests. - Has their IP logged, but only the administratorcan see it and only at the time of their visit. MEMBERS - Can view the entire public board and post in all forums other than Rules and Announcements. - Can register oneusername/account per person. Usernames are limited to 30 characters and they can contain only letters, numbers, spaces, underscores (_) and hyphens (-). - Cannotchange own usernameunless directly requested. - Can perform one search per minute. - Can ignore other members, other than administrator, moderators and guests. - Shows up in online user list by default. This can be disabled each time theylogin, but moderators and administrator will always see it. - Can use signatures, which are limited to ten lines of text, a maximum of five links and one image, no wider than 1000 and no taller than 200 pixels. - Can use a profile photo, no larger than 100 kb, no wider and taller than 250 pixels. Can link the said photo from a different website (provided that they have permission to use it and that direct linking from the said website had not been disabled), import it from Twitter or Facebook, or use their Gravatar. - Can use a cover photo, no larger than 500 kb, prior to crop. Can import it from Twitter or Facebook. - Cannot start more than five private message conversations per day, with the limit ofone per minute. - Cannot star a conversation with more than five participants. - Cannotstore more than 500 conversations. - Cangive up to10 likes/reputation points per day. - Can view who gave them and others likes/reputation points. - Can post status updates and/or import them from Twitter and Facebook, as well as like and respond to other members' status updates, unless locked. - Cannot view the site when offline for maintenance. - Can create polls and vote. Poll votes are not public. - Cannot use tags and ratings - they are universally disabled. - Cannot use prefixes - they are for staff use only. - Can edit own content, up to 120 minutes after posting, with a stamp stating that the content was edited. This measurement was introduced to prevent people from mass-removing old content. - Cannot delete, undelete, move, hide, unhide, pin and lock content. - Can post unlimited amount of content per day. - Can report other people's content for rule violation and/or abuse. - Cannot bypass flood control and content moderation, where applicable. - Can create one blog. - Cannot create private blogs. - Can edit and delete own blog posts, lock entries and apply limited customisations to own blog. - Can comment on others' blog entries. - Cannot delete own blog - please, request deletion from the administrator. - Can use browser notifications in supported browsers. These are on by default. - Can access most of the board features through the third-party Tapatalk application. IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTORS - Same as MEMBERS. The only difference is that the title "Important Contributor" is shown and that the usernames are displayed in green. BANNED - Can view the board, but not individual forums and topics. The only exception to this is the Rules and Announcements forum. SUPER MODERATORS - Can bypass flood control. - Cannot be ignored. Cannot ignore other members. - Areallowed to have slightly larger signatures, signature images and lines per signature. - Cangive up to 25 likes/reputation points per day. - Can warn and temporarily suspend other users, with the exception of other super moderators and the administrator. - Can revoke warnings, if absolutely necessary. - Can specify a custom penalty and/or add an unspecified/other reason for a warning. - Can hide, unhide, split, merge, move andrestoretopics and posts. - Can lock, unlock, pin and unpin topics. - Can reply to locked and hidden content. - Cannot delete content. - Can access the moderation panel. - Cannot post in Rules and Announcements. - Cannot see and edit poll votes. - Can post in the Staff Blog. - Cannot view the site when offline for maintenance. - Can flag members as spammers. - Can edit members' profiles if a rule has been violated. - Can delete statuses and status replies, blog posts and replies. - Can feature and unfeature blog posts. - Cannot see members' e-mail addresses and IPs. ADMINISTRATOR - Can perform all moderators'tasks. - Can access the administration panel. - Can post in Rules and Announcements. - Canview the site when offline for maintenance. - Can add, remove, disable and change board features. - Can perform revision of previouslyhidden content and delete it, restore it or keep it hidden. - Can see and edit poll votes, but is not going to do it. - Can permanently ban users or suspend them for a certain period of time, without previously warning them. - Can see members' e-mail addresses, but won't use them for anything, unless requested to do so by the member(s) themselves. - Can see members' IPs at any given time and guests' IPs at the time they're online. - Can merge duplicate accounts, change usernames upon requests, change e-mail addresses etc. - Cannot see passwords and private messages. Can reset passwords to random strings for you, though. - Cannot delete all of user's posts and whole accounts, but can come up with a compromise of sorts. - Can honour unban requests in certain circumstances. If there is anything that this guide has not covered, feel free to drop me a line.
  14. Testing the new board, yay! 

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      Responding to myself, to see if it all works right. 

  15. Ummm, everybody is like that...I think?! I guess I should have gone with "It's nice to see a smile on his face" instead. Anyway, a photo from 1990: The whole thing is here: http://invisible-movement.net/v/magazines/1990/04interview