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  1. Re, the photo with a fan lady above: those hashtags are so unfortunate. O_O I would instead put something like #goats and #cockatoos - would make more sense in 2016. YES. YES. YES. That's what hip kids are into, not the band. And then one'd have a lovely grid of related photos of Mollucans freaking out in agreement. Anyway, something that actually makes sense - the cover of Venice Magazine from September 1991. The other images can be found at this URL and some of them are NSFW: http://invisible-movement.net/v/magazines/1991/09venice
  2. Smoke Da Roach

  3. Hi, welcome. I'm...actually not sure if I ever ended up posting that, as I have memory problems; but I've added it to my list of things and I'll let you know. The files exist, they only need formatting. And gosh, this is a great topic to bump, because...art in general.
  4. Black Knights - Excalibur

    That second post has nothing to do with anything, I think?! Excited about the album.
  5. Always nice to see him live and breathe and all. Hope he's doing well.
  6. recent chronology

    Good idea for a thread. I'm pretty sure that "music for his own pleasure" refers to all John creates, not necessarily what he's creating now. And that it does not exclude other people's pleasure, but that, during a period of time, it excluded feedback from the creative process itself. I think all the full-lenghts were made before 2012 or not later than that year, but I might as well be wrong.
  7. TL_, bless you for your ethics.
  8. Something about that last image (not the photo, the whole thing) just freaked me out bigtime. I have no idea what, but it did. I think I need some fresh air. Here's a pic from AnOther Magazine, Spring/Summer 2002.
  9. Hi Nicholas, welcome to the board. The lyrics we have posted on the website that this forum is an extension of are identical to those in the booklet, directly copied from there. http://invisible-movement.net/song/after-the-ending I plan to take photos of all the releases for the site with my DSLR this week, so if you want, I can get you After the Ending in super-sharp format as well. Please, let me know, as otherwise I'll go from either the first or most recent release.
  10. A photo of John jamming with Dewa Budjana, or the other way round.Thanks to Anisa for the heads-up. Originally from Dewa Budjana's instagram.
  11. Leaks Policy

    This thread is in rough state, but expect it to make more sense soon. What is a leak? In the music industry, when a song or album is being put out before it is officially released, usually online. Sometimes when an artist's album has been leaked, they release their album earlier than planned for fear of the bootleggers. I-M.net/YSIGTABOF stance on leaks Commercial releases: - You can post links to the sites where you found song previews/snippets - You can post YouTube videos containing these previews IF the accounts they're on do not contain anything else. There have been many attention-seekers who used JF's music as a mean of promoting themselves. Non-commercial releases (e.g.stuff from jfdirectlyfromjf): - If it was uploaded and made private, then it's private for the time being. -If it was uploaded and kept there, do not link a rip from your YouTube or whatever - give us actual links. Fakes: - If you fell for them, it's OK. But in general, these things come from shady sources. - If you made them and posted them here, we may restrict you from posting for a period of time.
  12. Fake new material

    This was posted in the other thread without any explanation; and I edited it out. I-M.net/YSIGTABOFstance on this is the following: - If it was uploaded and made private, then it's private for the time being. John probably had a good reason for removing it. How many people upload things by accident every day or make stuff public when it was not meant to be public - yet, or ever? - If it's fake, well, it's not our shame. Check the rough draft of our new leak policy for more information. Hope JF clears this up sometime soon. Until then, I will edit the video out and close the thread. In either case, we're giving somebody attention for something they should not have done.
  13. question

    Closing the duplicate topic.
  14. Test

    Kalispera, Fotini, thanks for joining us. Do you need any help getting started? I moved your topic to the suitable test area.
  15. I merged the accounts. If something does not work right, drop me a line, but it should work.