Monday, June 24, 2019

Non-bank Companies Offering Loans

A mortgage offering loans secured by real estate has joined a group of non-bank companies that have a Responsible Lender certificate.

When we look at the list consisting of nearly 40 non-bank companies certified by Loan Magazine, it is clearly dominated by entities providing short-term loans online. As one of the first distinctions confirming credibility and reliable approach to the client, as well as granting financial obligations on clear and transparent principles, they received the Ofin and Vivus brands. It was at the end of 2013. Over time, the group of Responsible Lenders has extended to installment loans. They allow you to improve your home budget or satisfy larger consumer needs that you would normally not be able to afford. Over the loan in the bank have the advantage that all formalities have been reduced to a minimum, and the entire process of applying for additional money takes place online. We can reach eg 10,000. PLN and pay it off for 24 months.

Business loans with a certificate

Business loans with a certificate

The non-banking market is dominated by loans granted to private individuals. However, also entrepreneurs, especially those entering the market or having a very short internship in business (banks treat such entities as higher risk clients), have a chance to obtain non-bank financing. Cryobank is drawing their hand to them, which started with a Business Loan of up to 10,000, which can be incurred from the first day of running a business, with only a personal identity card.

Responsible loans secured

Responsible loans secured

The mortgage joined the Responsible Lenders as the first brand offering mortgage loans that so far have functioned practically exclusively in banks. Everything is consistent with the law on consumer credit and safe, because the signing of the contract is carried out under the supervision of a notary public. The principle is simple: if we have several debts and we do not have good prospects for repayment, we can use the option of charging them using the loan we have just granted. Since then, we have been paying back debt to one entity, i.e. the Mortgage. We just have to decide what we’ll pledge. It must be a real estate – a house, flat, commercial premises, plot or agricultural land. We have 12 months to return the receivables, however, both the extension of the repayment period and the earlier return of the loan are at stake. In the case of problems with adjusting monthly installments, the Mortgage offers the option of using the so-called grace period, i.e. a temporary suspension of loan installments.

Hipo┼╝yczka Sp. z o. o. provides capital resources for entrepreneurs and private persons through secured financing on real estate. Our experience for many years is a guarantee of professional approach and security of transactions. What distinguishes us from banks? First of all, flexibility, individual approach and speed of decision. Our clients are for us Business partners, not petitioners. We are proud of the Certificate of a Responsible Lender, which only confirms that we pay great attention to care for the good of the customer and the stability of its financial situation. It also confirms the security of our loans. – comments Paulina Horabik, Head of the Loan Group.

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